The majority of projects identified for PEID project have been developed through Environmental Infrastructure Support Programme (EISP) activities in the period 2014-2016. PEID will benefit from working on projects that have already been assessed, and where information has already been collected by this SIDA-funded contribution. Main ongoing projects related to improving of environmental infrastructure in Serbia whose outputs are seen as relevant for future coordination with PEID are following:

  1. Environmental Infrastructure Support Programme Phase II – EISP 2 project that is expected to support MEP in the development of policy, programming and priority projects in the upcoming period.
  2. EU IPA-funded Project Preparation Facilities 6 and 7 that will prepare projects in the environmental and other sectors.
  3. Project “Preparations for negotiations related to environmental field – ENVAP III” addressed gaps and needs in specific sectors and improved links between EU accession negotiations and investment related projects.
  4. Project “Further Implementation of Environmental Approximation Strategy” that is expected to assist Serbia to meet environmental and climate Acquis through institutional building and improvement of environmental infrastructure. The latter develop of the Multiannual Investment and Financing Plan (MIFP) will be also relevant for future coordination within activities for PEID project.