The overall objective of the PEID project is to provide support and assistance to institutions and Division for Project Management in the Environmental Area (DPM) of Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia (MEP) in activities leading to implementation of priority projects.

At a glance, two main outputs of PEID are:

  • an increased number of infrastructure projects in DPM project pipeline ready for financing
  • existing bottlenecks for financing in DPM removed and projects accepted for financing or further preparation.

In order to achieve that, two principal components for PEID project will be accomplished.

I COMPONENT refers to the technical assistance to prepare two priority identified projects (PIP) for implementation for two of the three largest cities in Serbia – Niš and Novi Sad.

Niš Wastewater Collection and Treatment Project has been identified as the priority wastewater collection and treatment project for financing. Its implementation, including preparatory and design phases, tendering, construction and supervision activities, shall contribute to building up the capacity and capability of local authorities and central institutions. This will help comply with required EU regulations.

PEID shall prepare the technical documentation for the priority project in accordance with Serbian legislation. Documentation shall be appropriate for both EU IPA grant funding and IFI credits.

Specific activities and outputs for the project in Niš include the construction of the main conveyance system to the WWTP site (primary, main collectors, pumping stations as necessary), as well as construction of the WWTP for the Niš urban agglomeration and treatment of the wastewater from water treatment plant Mediana. The priority project is viewed as the minimum level of investment required in order to first convey the relevant flows to the WWTP site, and also provide adequate wastewater treatment for the urban area.

The PEID shall make efforts in providing technical assistance to relevant parties in order to make the implementation process effective and user-friendly. In this way PEID shall contribute to meet objectives of compliance in the environment sector.

The main goal of this project is to prepare the technical documentation for the priority project Novi Sad Regional Waste Management System, in accordance with Serbian legislation following the concept defined in the partial Pre-Feasibility Study (due June 2016).

In the first part, PEID shall produce the Feasibility Study for this priority project. The preparation of feasibility for the whole waste management system in Novi Sad is expected to include a review of the existing collection and disposal arrangements in the participating municipalities that have already agreed on the principle of a regional facility and/or inter-municipal agreement for Novi Sad. The PEID will provide technical support to the Province of Vojvodina and the City of Novi Sad in detail review and technical analysis of the investigation project to be implemented by the City of Novi Sad concerning the hydro-geological, environmental and economic survey of the potential waste deposition sites. PEID shall obtain necessary technical information and documentation regarding the content and required results of the investigation project from the DPM (MEP).

Consequently, PEID shall produce technical documentation to be appropriate for both EU IPA grant funding and IFI credits. The type of contract to be applied for implementation of this priority project shall depend on partitioning of the project into components that could be implemented separately. PEID shall consult partitioning with main beneficiaries and all stakeholders.

II COMPONENT will provide technical support and assistance in other parallel project preparation activities for the environmental sector in general and also specific to the already selected projects or as necessary to prepare additional projects for implementation. Identified sub-projects are the preparation of project documents for the collector trunk sewer pipeline for the city of Leskovac, and technical – tender documentation for the sludge line for the WWTP in Šabac.

The Leskovac Wastewater Collector Project shall include preparation of the tender dossier and assistance to the tendering process for procurement of construction works to be implemented according to Serbian procurement legislation. The City of Leskovac finished the formal procedure for expropriation of the land where the new sewerage collector will be located. The Memorandum of Understanding between the MAEP and the City of Leskovac was signed in March 2017, after the approval of the project proposal for the Leskovac sub-project.

PEID has been in contact with the representatives of the Embassy of Netherlands in Belgrade concerning funding for the primary sewerage network in the City of Leskovac. This funding was previously budgeted under the ORIO program. Local authorities shall be approving the pertinent project documentation. PEID shall continuously cooperate with the local authorities in order to secure that local authorities are implementing their part which is very important for project implementation.

The PEID Team should engage a licensed company to carry on a geodetic and geotechnical survey, as well as conceptual design, that shall provide basic data for preparation of tender documents and further designs.

Šabac Wastewater Treatment Project had been implemented by the MISP project and is operating according to the design parameters. The missing object within the current treatment plant is the processing technology to process effluent sludge – the sludge line. In the SLAP Fact Sheet (May, 2010) this sludge line is envisaged to be procured and financed by the Serbian authorities, with then estimated budget of EUR 3,5 Million.

The PEID Team is expected to prepare for the Šabac Sludge Line Project the Tender Dossier for procurement of construction works to be implemented according to Serbian procurement legislation. The PEID has initiated couple of meetings with the MEP, Ministry of Infrastructure and PUC “Vodovod” Šabac. Consequently, a project proposal has been prepared. Tender documents and sludge line design should be according to the existing building permit.

The local authorities should timely approve the pertinent project documentation. PEID shall continuously cooperate with the local authorities.


In the coming period,  PEID Team shall continue providing technical assistance to the DPM of the Ministry of Environment in their activities of preparation of projects. Further, the PEID Team shall prepare in step wise progress the required documents for the proposed projects in both Components.

The main steps shall include:

  • For the Niš Wastewater Collection and Treatment Project, preparation of geodetic and geotechnical surveys for the WWTP site and main collector routes (to the extent required for site investigation activities), preliminary designs, EIA and obtaining the local conditions.
  • For the Novi Sad project, preparation of the Feasibility Study, following the site selection survey to be executed by the City of Novi Sad.
  • For the Leskovac project, execution of the geodetic and geotechnical survey, conceptual design and tender documents.
  • For the Šabac project, preparation of the tender documentation for the sludge line in WWTP Šabac.