The engagement and synergy of all relevant actors, key institutions and stakeholders are crucial for the successful implementation of the PEID project and expected results. The main actor and beneficiary of the project is the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia (Department for Project Management – DPM). Key partners of the project, i.e. beneficiaries are local authorities, institutions and citizens in towns in which priority infrastructure projects (landfills, WWTPs) will be implemented – Niš, Novi Sad, Leskovac and Šabac.

PEID Team, which will cooperate with national and international experts, is also appointed and led by Key Experts:

  1. Joe Capka, Overall Team Leader
  2. Dragana Vasić, Project Coordinator

In line with the set goals and results of PEID, key actors and institutions involved in the project are:

  • Representatives of institutions and bodies that participate and contribute to the Project implementation (MEP, SIDA, EUD, SEPA, SCTM, different national agencies and bodies at all levels – local, regional and national)
  • National Chamber of Commerce, Regional Development Agencies, environmental organizations, Serbian Universities, business associations
  • Media
  • General population